Cold Chain Management Solution


ExcelTest’s Cold-Chain Management Solution gives businesses “Peace of Mind” (PoM) by reducing food, medical waste, and loss throughout the supply chain of storage and transportation of medicine, vaccines, and food.

ExcelTest provides businesses with innovative solutions from cold-chain product delivery transport boxes, validation services, monitoring, and calibration services to ensure that their Cold-Chain asset is well secured and protected from the manufacturing warehouse until the consumer hand in complied with GDP, GMP, ISO22000, HACCP, Halal, and ISO1514 requirements.

ExcelTest has been in the cold-chain industry for 20 years and provides a number of leading global brands with high-quality and reliable products to businesses. To ensure that businesses receive the right products at the right price and for the right application.
Who needs our solution?

Businesses must maintain and track cold-chain assets to ensure that the quality, safety & performance of their products is well guaranteed. The unbroken Cold-Chain must be monitored, secured and protected from the manufacturing warehouse to the consumer’s hand as per regulatory requirements.

  • GDP, GDPMD, and GMP licensee
  • Company that is ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, ISO1514, and ISO17025 certified
  • Cold-Chain industries include cold-truck, logistics, warehouses, health care, pharmaceutical, Biotech and food.
What are the Benefits & Features?

  • Stock on hand
  • Short delivery lead time
  • Inhouse SAMM IEC/ISO17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory
  • One-year replacement warranty.
  • Product Care Assurance offers unlimited warranties.
  • Optional Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) package
  • Upgrades and trade-ins options are available.
  • Free off-site sales support
Mobile Transport Cold-Chain Storage Solution
  • Medical Cooler Box with temperature indicator
  • Medical Cooler Box with online temperature tracker
  • Hot and Cold Food Delivery Insulation Box
  • VPU Isothermal Box with PCM Cold Pack with temperature indicator
  • Pallet Thermal Insulated Container
  • Cold-Chain Pallet Shipping Container
GDP & GMP Cold-Chain Storage Validation Services
GMP & FDA Retort & Autoclaves Thermal Process Validation Services Solution
  • Design Qualification – DQ
  • Installation Qualification – IQ
  • Operational Qualification – OQ
  • Performance Qualification – PQ
SAMM IEC/ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Services Solution
  • Inhouse Laboratory Temperature & Humidity Calibration
  • Site Temperature & Humidity Calibration