Autoclaves High Temperature Datalogger

Wireless Autoclaves Data Logger
High Precision – Reliable – Up to 10 years Battery Life

Main features
  • Small size
  • Extremely long battery life, up 10 years or 6,000,000 times record
  • Resist to harsh environment, high temperature and high pressure water bath
  • High accuracy pt-1000 sensor: ± 0.05 ℃

Product Description
Wireless autoclaves temperature, temperature/pressure & Temperature/Humidity data logger (needle), is a small in size, high-precision platinum resistance temperature and temperature/pressure recorder. It uses extremely advanced electronic technology and structural design in the world today, which improves performance and significantly reduces the size. It is a world-class level in terms of high temperature resistance, waterproof, pressure resistance and low power consumption. It is a stable, reliable and trustworthy good assistant.

Application Area
  • Steam sterilizer
  • Water bath sterilizer
  • Rubber stopper cleaning machine
  • Freeze dryer
  • Constant temperature and humidity box
  • Ultra low temperature refrigerator, etc.