ET-YXUP-170 Single Use Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger

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The ET-YXUP-170 Single Use Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger is ideal for monitoring the temperature in transport, storage and testing process. The records are started and stopped by pressing a button, and place into the USB slot on any computer to generate PDF report directly withou any software and driver.

It mainly used to monitor and verify temperature or hudmitiy-sensitive goods, equipment or areas such as cold chain, refrigeration, transportations, warehouse, HVAC, food & beverage and pharmaceutical.

Technical Data
Model ET-YXUP-170
Temperature Sensor
Measuring Range -80 to 70 °C
Accuracy ± 0.5 °C (-35 to 70 °C);
± 0.1 °C (Others)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Instrument Information
Record Interval -80 to 70 °C
Run Days 1 / 360 days
High & Low Alarm User Configurable
Alarm Delay 0 to 960 minutes
Alarm Type Single Type; Accumulation Type
Start Delay 0 to 254 minutes
Start Mode By Button
Stop Mode By Button; Memory Full; When into USB
Storage Environment -40 to 70 °C
Protection Class IP55
Power 3.6V Lithium, Non Replaceable
Size 85 x 38 x 12mm
Weight 20 g
Shelf Life 2 Years
Battery Life 30 Days at -80 °C and 15 minutes sample interval

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ET-YXUP-170 Single Use Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger

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