ET-BT04 Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

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ET-BT04 BLUETOOTH TEMPERATURE/R.HUMIDITY LOGGER with Optional Portable Bluetooth Printer

1. Product overview:
ET-BT04 BlueTooth Temperature/R.Humidity Logger is a low power consumption Bluetooth data logger, using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, Nordic N51822 chip development and design, It can collect temperature of the surrounding environment, and recording and preservation of historical data, can store up to 15,000 pieces temperature data, Bluetooth 4.0 can be downloaded over the phone APP configuration tools, to achieve full stage real-time temperature recording. It has the small size, light weight, easy to carry, high accuracy and other characteristics, widely used in various other areas of refrigerated storage and transport, archives, experimental (test) rooms, museums and other temperature monitoring. Available Android & IOS free data-processing software with real-time transmission, historical data uploading, data saving and printing, etc function.
ET-BT04 BlueTooth Temperature/R.Humidity Logger is widely used in industries of foodstuff, medicine, cold-chain transportation and other industries compliance with HACCP system certification. It could also be used in laboratory where needs temperature supervision.

2. Product Features:
Monitor and record temperature & R. Humidity
Temperature record in cyclic mode & Record interval is user configurable
Large record capacity. 15,000 record. If record every 15 minutes, it could record >5 months.
Real-time readings from Android & IOS phone. can display current & historical Min/Max/Ave/MKT.
Configurable upper/lower temperature alarm limit.
It has Bluetooth interface for convenient data download, generate PDF report and sent to specified email.
Data can be print direct to optional portable Bluetooth printer as replacement of conventional Temperature recorder printer.

3. Technical Specification:
Temperature & Humidity Measuring Range: -20.0oC~60.0 oC; 0 ~ 100 %rh
Temperature accuracy: <±0.5 ℃; Temperature Resolution: 0.1
Water Resistant: IP66
Record Cycle: 10s to 3,600s (60min) continuously set
Record Capacity: 15,000 points (MAX)
Dimension: 50 x 35 x 15 mm; Weight: 25g
Communication interface:Bluetooth 4.0 interface (-4dBm, adjustable)
Standby battery: CR2450 Replaceable battery (1 year @ 15min Interval)

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ET-BT04 Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

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