TM-4000 Long Probe Food Digital Thermometer

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Weight(grams): 96
Dimension: 37 cm (Length) x 5 cm (Width) x 3 cm (Height)
Model: TM-4000
Type: Digital Thermometer
Measurement Range: -50 Degree Celsius to +300 Degree Celsius

Most powerful digital thermometer for the cooking process. It’s easy to measure food temperature with high quality & accurate temperature reading within seconds.
A specifically designated oven-safe thermometer for chefs to check food, baking, or meat temperature.

It is worth using a food thermometer to control the standards and quality when preparing dishes, especially for franchise restaurants.

Thanks to it being designed with a 240mm long temperature probe, it is much safer to use it without getting water or oil damage the device.

How to use a food digital thermometer to measure temperature?
Step 1:
Switch on the thermometer and remove the protective cover
Step 2:
Insert the probe with 1/2 length at the center of the desired measured object
Step 3:
Switch on the thermometer, hold still and the temperature reading will stable within 5 to 10 seconds
Step 4:
Press the HOLD to lock the temperature reading at a point for recording

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TM-4000 Long Probe Food Digital Thermometer

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