ET-T21G 4G Wifi RJ45 Wireless G-5plus Dual Temperature SMS Datalogger

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Category: G-5plus 4G/Wifi/RJ45 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Datalogger System

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  • Phone Call, SMS, Email (Telegram), WeChat Alarm
  • Two external temperature sensors
  • Wireless 433Mhz IoT datalogger
  • Built-in backup data storage memory, as temporary storage during offline
  • High-capacity 3.6V lithium battery enables continuous operation for 1~3 years. Optional 12Vdc power adapter
  • Wireless dual temperature recorder (external sensor) connects wirelessly with ET-G5plus receiver router,  with dedicated ETCCC cloud platform, comprehensive features & functions, and secure data storage at Cyberjaya Ali Cloud Data Center.
  • ExcelTest Cold-Chain Cloud (ETCCC) software has come with FDA 21 CFR Part II Compliance features.
  • Each ET-G5plus receiver router is able to connect up to 50pcs ET-XXXG wireless datalogger.

Main Features ET-G5plus 4G/Wifi/RJ45 real-time data upload, Bluetooth printing, ETCCC IoT cloud storage, SMS alarm alert, ETCCC IoT cloud SMS-Phone call-Email-WeChat alarm alert.
Temperature Range -40~100°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.3~0.5°C
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Sensor External 2 probes NTC sensor, cable length 5M. Customizable
Display LCD
Record Capacity 200 sets; manual or auto-clear
Record Sampling Rate Min 1min, 10min ~ 24hours (configurable)
SMS Phone no. Max 8 numbers(from ET-G5plus), Unlimited (from ETCCC Cloud)
Communication Method Lora 433mHz (ET-TXXXG & ET-G5plus)4G LTE networks
Alarm Method Sound, Light, SMS, phone call (Cloud), email (Cloud), WeChat (Cloud)
On/Off Method Button press ON/OFF
Clock Datalogger clock real-time display, with power failure backup & Configurable
Working Environment -20~70°C
Power Supply 12V DC power & High-capacity lithium rechargeable battery (3.7V 6000mAh). Auto switch.
Ports RJ-45
Data Acquisition Type Multi-platform Web Browser & WeChat (Smartphone, Tablet & PC) App access to dedicated ETCCC IoT Cloud
Standby Time Standard operation 5min record interval, able to operate for 1 ~ 3 years (no alarm)
Size 102 x 109 x 29 mm
Calibration SAMM IEC/ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate
Casing Material ABS industrial plastic, anti-vibration & drop
Warranty 12 months. Extendable option

It is suitable for food and drug safety, scientific research and development, pharmaceutical, healthcare, pharmacy, pathology laboratory, HVAC, refrigerated storage and transportation, warehouse, meteorology and hydrology, papermaking, environmental protection, archives, experimental (test) rooms, museums, electricity, tobacco and other fields.

ExcelTest Cold-Chain Cloud

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ET-T21G 4G Wifi RJ45 Wireless G-5plus Dual Temperature SMS Datalogger

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